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I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Leonard Nimoy at a convention some years ago. There were many questions I would have asked him, had I gotten the chance.

While certainly I became familiar with him, like most people, through Star Trek, I remember his work in Never Forget, his poetry, the controversy over his decision to publish his photography, and many other things…I’ve tried to forget the singing.

While, after declaring he was and was not Spock, he’d come to terms with how much his most iconic character resonated with people, and it was never for the obvious reasons. The last thing Nimoy posted on Twitter, 4 days ago, was, “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.

In the end, all I can say is what Dr. McCoy said about Spock when he died(although on film, nothing is ever permanent). “He’s not really dead. As long as we remember him.”

Some Developments in My Developments

As many of you who have been watching know, I’ve taken up WordPress development as part of my involvement in the Indieweb movement. So, this is sort of  a status update.

After developing a lot of my tools on Github, I’ve decided to move them where people can use them, the official WordPress repository. I’ve added two of them so far, the ones I’ve deemed ready for other people to try.

  1. Post Kinds  – Allows WordPress posts to respond and interact with other sites, as well as certain passive post types.
  2. Syndication Links – A basic plugin that adds links to other sites to the bottom of a post. If you check this post, there are icons indicating I sent a link to it to Facebook, Twitter, so on.

So far, if you watch this site, I haven’t been posting much. Need to work on that. I do seem to have users though. Most notably, one in Australia. I say notably because compared to my sporadic posting, my plugin is in regular use by someone, which encourages me to evolve and iterate…and even add some features I didn’t think of.

I now support passive kinds of posts. This would be actions like Listened To, and Watched. I’d better start listening and watching things.

But most importantly, I’ve always felt myself a horrible programmer, since I gave up on it many years ago. Having a project that I enjoy doing for myself, and at least a few other people are using, inspires me to try to be better. I think I’ve graduated to mediocre programmer. If I keep at it, I might get to decent.