I’ve Joined Two New Networks

In preparation for a trip I’m starting tomorrow, I’ve joined Instagram and Swarm, but not necessarily for the reasons you might think, and for the reasons you might think. I’ve spent some time building tools which I use on my site(although not enough), to add location awareness, among other things.

But obviously, professional teams of programmers who spend all day working on things can probably do a better job than I can, so I am taking advantage of tools that automatically send posts made on these services to my site. Many of the people who use my code have pointed out it doesn’t work perfectly with those tools and this gives me an excuse to try and fix it, while posting more to my site.

Chris Aldrich, a user of more social networks and tools than I can shake a stick at(if you don’t believe me, click here), suggested I think of those services as highly customized mobile apps that post to my site. Let’s see how that works out. However, if you aren’t interested in following me on my website, you can continue to follow me elsewhere, including the two latest places. Anything you say on those sites should be pushed back here.

David Shanske

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