Discovered the backing of my rugs had turned into fine powder, which has prompted a multi-week cleaning project.

I’ve been trying to reduce my clutter. I have boxes full of stuff I should be going through. The major thrust of the project so far involved rearranging my living room into a more open configuration. Now I’m getting into the…what do I throw out phase. I’m going to have to make some hard choices. I got rid of a broken bookcase for which Ikea no longer offers replacement parts.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to part with things?

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From the Causeway

The wind was blowing so hard at the Giant’s Causeway that it felt like it could blow me away. Just as this picture was taken, rain began to fall, and the combination of rain and wind made it feel like I was being pelted. Still…a beautiful place. Hope to someday go back, preferably when I can get all the way to the end. This is when I turned back. The wind practically propelled me back up the hill.